Bi Erasure in Film and TV: the problem of Representing Bisexual People On Screen

Date: January 19, 2021 | Category: Gay Real Sex Cam

Bi Erasure in Film and TV: the problem of Representing Bisexual People On Screen

This guest post authored by Amy Davis appears as an element of our theme on Bisexual Representation week. Good and complex representations of bisexual and pansexual characters on display screen are incredibly few and far between that film experts talking about bisexual representation are usually kept lamenting our erasure, or in the unusual occasions our company is represented our stereotyping and demonization.

When you look at the 100 top grossing films that are domestic the U.S. in 2015, away from 4,370 figures (talking or named), just 32 figures or .7% had been LGBT, and just 5 of these figures had been bisexual, in accordance with USC Annenberg. In accordance with GLAAD, 4% of regular figures on primetime broadcast tv show are LGBT characters. Regarding the 271 LGBT characters (regular and recurring) on primetime, cable, and streaming tv show, 76 or 28% are bisexual. Relating to Stonewall’s report from the representation of LGB individuals (unfortunately they would not consist of statistics on trans figures) on tv show watched by young adults when you look at the U.K., in over 126 hours of development, bisexual individuals were portrayed for only five full minutes and 9 moments, when compared with 4 hours and 24 moments for homosexual males, and 42 moments for lesbian ladies.

Once we do show up on display screen, bisexuality is oftentimes utilized to point hypersexuality, such as for example Bo from Lost woman and physician Frank N Furter through the Rocky Horror Picture Show. At its many extreme depictions of reinforcing biphobic tropes, the character’s bisexuality is additionally utilized to code “evil” or “dangerous” or “murderous,” using their (hyper)sexuality as an approach of manipulation and control, as an example Sharon Stone’s character when you look at the erotic thriller fundamental Instinct.

Because difficult as our erasure and stereotyping is, nevertheless, I’d want to rise above issue of “good” and “bad” representations of bisexual figures to ask this: precisely exactly what it’s about bisexuality rendering it so difficult to represent on display?

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