Chances for the White xmas in 2010? Evaluating snowfall opportunities within the next 21 times.

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Chances for the White xmas in 2010? Evaluating snowfall opportunities within the next 21 times.


Nearly all of Minnesota is snow-free simply three days before xmas. Week and our weather maps look mild again through most of next. Therefore, do you know the odds for a white xmas this current year?

Bare ground

It is possible to plainly look at ground that is bare almost all of the Upper Midwest on Friday’s 1,000-meter resolution NASA MODIS Terra satellite shot.

Historical opportunities

A white Christmas is defined as having at the very least 1 inches of snow address on the floor xmas early early early morning.

The climatology of snowfall address on Christmas time for Minnesota strongly favors a white Christmas day. Dating back to to the belated 1800s, the chances are 90 per cent to 100 % across nearly all of north Minnesota. It’s 72 % within the Twin Cities and nearer to 60 per cent in far southwest Minnesota.

Will we now have a white Christmas time? It is an age-old concern that does occur to just about everyone this time around of the year. The probability of having a white christmas vary even right right right here in Minnesota. Having A christmas that is white is thought as having 1 inch of snowfall on a lawn on xmas Day. The snowfall depth at most of the web web sites is calculated when a time, frequently each day. The greatest likelihood of having A christmas that is white is fully guaranteed when you look at the Boundary Waters Canoe region and a beneficial area of the Arrowhead. The possibilities decrease to the south and west plus the chance that is best for a “brown” xmas is with in far southwest Minnesota where odds are only a little much better than 60 per cent. Northern Minnesota is among the few non-alpine climates in the usa where a white Christmas time is practically a certain bet (U.S. White Christmas time Probabilities).

In 120 many years of snowfall level dimensions in Twin Cities, a white Christmas time takes place about 71 % of that time period.

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