. Inevitably Johnlocked. We really rarely browse threesomes/foursomes/etc…

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. Inevitably Johnlocked. We really rarely browse threesomes/foursomes/etc…

Anonymous asked:

Tright herefore here’s the one thing… we really threesomes/foursomes/etc that is rarely read. Unless it involves like… two Sherlocks or two Johns because I’m Weird™ XD Here’s just what i obtained, motivating camcrush individuals to submit their faves: )


Keep one another business by orithea (E, 4,600 w. || Est. Rel., Threesome, Self-cest, Time Traveller Sherlock) – One Sherlock is demanding sufficient. Two of these are impractical to resist. Component 3 of times Traveller’s Flatmate

Circumstances Two by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 5,595 w. || Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Victorian John, Modern John, Sherlock has a beneficial Imagination, PWP, Bottomlock, Spitroasting) – “But you’re perhaps not that John…”“Of course we have always been, ” John’s lips and mustache brush against Sherlock’s lips as he speaks. “All us Johns are that John, now. That John is with in most room in your Palace. ” He leans set for another messy kiss, tongue swirling throughout the inside Sherlock’s lips. “In reality, ” he moves to draw in the painful and sensitive epidermis underneath Sherlock’s ear. “I think we hear him coming at this time. ”

Better Than One by Innerspace (E, 14,760 w. || Clones, Selfcest, Frottage, PWP, Threesomes, Clone Sex, Slight Dubcon, First Time) – Sherlock has created a clone; said clone is frustrated at Sherlock’s not enough progress with John and proceeds to rectify the specific situation. John is merely going along with it.

The fantastic Sex Olympics of 221B by XistentialAngst (E, 58,611 w. || First Time/Kiss, Experiments / Sexual Experimentations, Multi Pairings, Voyeurism) – John Watson thinks Sherlock Holmes should admit which he, Watson, is much more of a specialist on intercourse than Sherlock is. But Sherlock does not want to concede the idea. He pops up by having a test plan which will resolve the matter. The outcomes should determine whom wins the reward. But often perhaps the best thought-out study has unanticipated effects. (I DO BELIEVE this one has a threesome in it… it’s been awhile since I’ve read that one; it really is tagged with “multi” and so I believe it is a threesome fic too. Sorry if it’s perhaps not! )

Group intercourse is my kink. If it features team sex and/or voyeurism, odds are I’ve read it… many times most likely. I’ve a absurd number of threesome fics bookmarked, over 100 at the very least. Here’s only a tiny selection, addressing self-cest/clone sex, Johnlock/Lestrade, Johnlock/Molly, Johnlock/Others and even some non-johnlock, but nonetheless BBC Sherlock, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. I’ve not covered any with Mary, Moriarty or Mycroft, as those have a tendency to come by having part of angst, darkfic or incest. Many of these are PWP, but there’s a couple of longer people in there. Inform me if some of the links don’t work. Delighted reading; )

Threesome/Foursome/Moresome Fics

After in a vein that is similar the above mentioned fic recs could be the Sherlock’s Laboratory series by berlynn_wohl with fics 1 & 3 regarding the show featuring team intercourse with clones. Sherlock’s Laboratory, Episode 1: Romance is John with 3 Sherlocks, and Sherlock’s Laboratory, Episode 3: happy At Cards is Sherlock with 3 Johns.


The generating Of by emmagrant01 (E, 58,269 w. || Post-Reichenbach, Polyamory, Threesome – M/M/M, Light Dom/sub, Light Bondage) – into the aftermath of Sherlock’s death, John Watson and Greg Lestrade take delight in one another. But needless to say, Sherlock is not actually dead, which means this is about getting complicated.

A period for Everything series by AnInconvenientRuth (E, 12,837 w. In 3 components || Threesome – M/M/M, Inexperienced Sherlock, Sexually Confident John, Sexually Confident Lestrade) – Lestrade is invited back again to 221B at the conclusion of an incident. He kisses Sherlock and admits to fancying both John and Sherlock. Whenever Sherlock informs them he could be inexperienced, Lestrade and John opt to show him exactly exactly what he’s been lacking. Each component is an alternative intimate encounter between your three of these.