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Sohail Said Al Haddad
producing sets of decorated dining room requirements(forks, spoons, and knives)
Ain el Remmaneh - El Arid
Dabagha bridge
961 128035/ 1282660
Haddad Cutlery 1770

He received the Brevet certificate, and he moved to work in this craft for he was fond of it. The age of this craft goes back to 1770.

He works with his cousin, who is his partner, and he was influenced by Gibran Khalil Gibran’s quote: “if you passed by nothing, you make it something, and if you pass by something you can make it an immortal thing). Thus, since childhood, they loved the art their parents inherited from their parents and ancestors, and they started working on this Jezini craft from 62 years and they continued to improve it, till it became the most important antique the Lebanese presidents have been presenting to the kings and presidents of the world. Jezini spoons, forks, and knives topped and decorated the King’s and president’s tables, and this makes them proud of their work.

He participated in many exhibitions abroad like Damascus and New York and all Beirut exhibitions. In addition, the relation between him and the House of Professional Lebanese is no longer the same.

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:معلومات حول المهني

سهيل سعيد حداد
عين الرمانة
عين الرمانة
تقاطع الجسور
961 1282660 / 1280353
حداد كاتلاري 1770

حاصل على شهادة البروفيه

إنتقل للعمل في هذه الحرفة حبا بها

عمر هذه الحرفة من عام 1770

شارك في عدة معارض خارج لبنان دمشق ونيويورك ومن ثم كل معارض بيروت

لم تعد العلاقة بينه وبين بيت المحترف كما كانت سابقا

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