Date: February 11, 2020 | Category: Medical Cbd Oil


Spectrum Therapeutics is a global medical cannabis business that raises the typical of take care of patients with unmet medical requirements. We ensure it is simple for patients and healthcare specialists to understand how to optimize the therapeutic great things about medical cannabis.

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Range items are available as softgels, ingestible oil, and dried flowers.


Softgels are full of extracted cannabis resin dissolved in a food-grade provider oil in a dosed form. They provide that you convenient and option that is discreet your medicine.

Cannabis Oil

Concentrated cannabis resin, containing cannabinoids along with other active substances, is obtained from cannabis plants which have withstood thermal decarboxylation, then diluted with a food-grade provider oil to produce a item to help you just just take orally from a syringe. This permits one to know precisely just how much THC and CBD you might be ingesting each dosage.

Dried Plants

Dried cannabis is offered as either dried whole flowers (“bud”) or milled (“prepared” or “ground”). Entire plants from the feminine cannabis plant are harvested, the stem and leaves are

trimmed, after which the plants are dried up to a certain dampness content. Milled cannabis offers the exact same ingredients as dried out whole flowers and it is prepared to be used in a vapourizer.

Our Items

Encouraged by our colour-coding that is unique categorization, Spectrum Therapeutics makes item selection easier than previously.

While the range of Tweed and CraftGrow brands and items can change into the Shop in the long run, we advice the Spectrum Therapeutics brand when consistent usage of the exact same item is very important to you personally as well as your condition. For you to explore alternative options if you have been taking a Tweed product that is no longer carried or available in our store, we have created a comprehensive table. The aim of this dining table is always to help treatment choices with products many just like that which you have now been using, whenever a noticeable modification is important. Find Out More

Quality Assurance

Every one of our cannabis services and products move across a rigorous qa program that is controlled and examined by governing bodies. Our testing that is robust meets criteria for item security and reproducibility associated with content associated with key bioactive substances, including THC and CBD.

We perform extra testing to produce healthcare providers and clients with additional information that will help them select the items they might require.

  • Disintegration time testing for softgels to rapidly ensure they discharge their articles upon ingestion.
  • Extra microbial tests to make sure lack of Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.
  • Testing for more than 96 pesticides, including myclobutanil.

Test Sizes

Test sizes simplify the process of choosing the product that is right enabling you to better match medical has to the product range of Spectrum Therapeutics offerings. Each trial size provides lower amounts of medical cannabis items to deliver a way that is cost-effective locate a dosage and structure that really works for your needs.

CraftGrow — Our Partner Companies

By building a course that gathers passionate and skilled manufacturers together within one destination, cbd Spectrum Therapeutics has the capacity to bring to your clients the variety that is best of cannabis from probably the most innovative manufacturers in the united states. It’s exactly about a few things:

Curating quality. We have partnered with outstanding cannabis manufacturers from across Canada to provide curated cannabis that are medical to the clients.

Offering variety. Every client is significantly diffent, and each condition needs an unique approach. CraftGrow provides our customers choices with regards to finding a selection of medical cannabis that best addresses their requirements.

The small-batch nature of those releases will offer variety to Spectrum medical clients, but due to the smaller scale, may well not continually be designed for reorder.