Syndicate of Craftsmen in Lebanon

The Syndicate of Craftsmen in Lebanon was founded in accordance with the verdict number1/47,issued by the Ministry of Labor.Created on 18/4/2011,the syndicate was originally founded in Beirut.

The founding board members are:Rafiq Shaalaan,Elias Mouawad,Yazid Aoun,Mohammad Izzo,Antoine saadeh,Johnson Tamrzaoff,Hassan Khalifeh,Milad Hilou,George Ariro,Mohsen Hamdan,and Soheil Haddad.

The Syndicate constitutes of members who practice the artistic business  of craftsmanship.Accordingly,they comply with the specified conditions of the code of labor and with the legislation number 7993,issued in 3/4/1952 which regulates syndicates as well as states the SCL bylaws.

The Kinds of craftsmanship within the syndicate include but are not limited to:traditional manual crafts,ceramics,pottery,soap,carpets,blown glass,mirrors and chandeliers,copper etching,wood engraving,glass painting,chadors, knitting,artistic antiquating,mosaic,miniature paintings,fezzes,ancient musical instruments.