Unmatch on Tinder after starting up. Just how could you feel?

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Unmatch on Tinder after starting up. Just how could you feel?

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Hello everybody else! As I’ve seen lately you ca great deal of talks on this forum about quality value women and so I desire to ask you a question that might seem silly. I will be within my very early twenties and after a negative relationship that ended half a year ago I’ve decided that i actually do n’t need one thing long-term for the following several years, therefore I joined Tinder. My concerns is: just how would a high value girl respond in this situation? (if you wish to state that a higher value girl will never rest with some guy without a relationship, we disagree). We came across a man on Tinder and long story short we slept together, every thing great. He asked me on Tinder the next day if I want to see him again and kept messaging me, so it’s not like he disappeared but the thing is I’ve noticed he has unmatched me. I’m yes nearly all of you shall say it is stupid also it’s just Tinder, but why would he unmatch me personally there? What’s the point? I would like to hear opinions from females that are more knowledgeable since I’m young and pretty not used to this and I also need to know what to anticipate and exactly how to respond. Needless to say i shall maybe not point out this to him from him or any other guy right now, but it’s just a weird thing because I really do not want anything more.

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