My Nigerian engagement ceremony br identity crisis

Date: March 3, 2020 | Category: Beautiful Asian Ladies

My Nigerian engagement ceremony br identity crisis

I am generally speaking regarding the belief that the wedding just isn’t constantly it should reflect you: your beliefs, your values, and your community about you, but. Among the commentary because that was one of our goals in planning the event that we heard most often about our wedding was: “It was so… you, ” and I loved it. I do believe for this reason, We struggled a great deal with my emotions in regards to the Nigerian engagement ceremony that people had the before our wedding week. The entire occasion ended up being simply therefore maybe maybe maybe not me personally, generally not very.

This is certainly me right before the ceremony: unsure about how precisely we appear and feel (and my capability to walk in those heels). Picture by Genevieve Burruss. Please comprehend, whenever we state it was not “me, ” I do not suggest because i am maybe not Nigerian (although i am maybe maybe not). After all that the aesthetic had been vibrant and over-the-top while We tend towards minimalist and quirky.

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