Sky Broadband Boost. How to have Sky Broadband Boost

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Sky Broadband Boost. How to have Sky Broadband Boost

Include this to your Sky Broadband important, Sky Broadband Superfast or Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1 package so it can have a boost.

Provide your Sky Broadband a good start so when your broadband happens to be triggered, you’ll get these features that are extra

  • Get engineer visits at the same time that best suits you, also night and weekends, at no extra expense.
  • A dependable connection is crucial, so we’ll run daily checks on the line. You to let you know we’re fixing it fast if it’s not up to scratch, we’ll text.
  • Control over your family’s screen time is in the Sky Broadband Buddy to your hands software.
  • Got Sky Mobile Phone? In the event the broadband falls down, we’ll put 2GB in your Sky Cellphone Piggybank.

If you took Sky Broadband Increase after 4th of September 2019:

  • Through the bed room towards the kitchen, we guarantee WiFi in almost every space of your property, or we’ll provide you with money back.

Ways to get Sky Broadband Boost

Got Sky Broadband Crucial or Sky Broadband Superfast? Get in contact to have Sky Broadband Increase. If you don’t, upgrade your package and include Sky Broadband Boost.

Such as your broadband package, it comes having a contract that is 18-month.

Learn more about the features:

WiFi in most space or your hard earned money straight back

We’ll guarantee you may get at the least 3Mbps WiFi in almost every room or we’ll give you your cash back on your Sky Broadband Increase membership.

You’ll get our brand brand new Sky Broadband Hub (unless you curently have one) if you’re not receiving WiFi in almost every room we could give you a Sky Broadband Booster or an engineer to be sure your home’s put up to have the most readily useful sign and protection.

Nevertheless can’t get WiFi in almost every space? We’ll provide you with cash back that you’ve compensated for your Sky Broadband Increase and provide you with it free for the others of the contract – so you can nevertheless take advantage of the other wonderful features.

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