You have probably heard of CIBIL scores more times than you can count

Date: November 21, 2021 | Category: best small personal loan

You have probably heard of CIBIL scores more times than you can count

But, did you know what these scores mean?

Your CIBIL score is essentially a numeric representation of how creditworthy you are and ranges between 300 to 900. When lenders provide loans, your interest rate, repayment term, etc., are determined by how risky the lenders perceive you to be.

If your score is high, i.e., above 750, then the lenders consider you to be someone who will repay loans on time and therefore present less risk. Therefore, you will be able to avail loans at lower interest rates.

How is CIBIL Score Calculated

Your credit score is based on multiple parameters such as your repayment history, type of credit availed, repayment duration, existing debt, credit utilization ratio, credit enquiries, etc. All of these will have an impact on your credit score.

Your CIBIL Score Decoded

Curious to find out your creditworthiness? Your CIBIL score can tell you that. Here’s what these scores really mean –

300 to 599 – Poor

It is time to pull up your socks and turn around your financial habits because they could cost you dear in the long run. Such scores are a result of either defaulting on loan payments, settling your loan, opting for multiple loans at the same time or having an extremely high credit utilization ratio.

These scores make it hard to avail loans and most lenders do not provide loans to borrowers with such low scores. Even if they do, the interest rates and repayment terms will be very strict and not to the your advantage at all.

Note: If you do not have credit history or are new to the system, your credit score will probably be reported as N/A.

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