The gender-neutral label Jun ways pure, clean, quick, or wetness.

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The gender-neutral label Jun ways pure, clean, quick, or wetness.

The Chinese gender-neutral title Jun suggests leader, master. It may also suggest gifted, good-looking, or military, nevertheless these meanings are usually just used in young men.

58. Junko

Junko often means obedience, pure, or simply just along with kid.

Junko are pronounced as either JOON-KO or JOONG-KO, dependent on exactly what a portion of the nation you are in. But use this name for a young child in an English-speaking nation, and theya€™ll need hear their particular label being pronounced JUNK-O.

59. Kaede

Japan gender-neutral title Kaede ways maple.

Actress, model, and performer Kaede Dobashi, known because of the mononame Kaede, is actually a member of contentment and E-Girls, both Japanese j-pop female groups.

60. Kanako

Kanako is created with the kanji for increase or perfume, veggies, veggies, and child.

Japanese suspense flick The World of Kanako employs a dysfunctional, ex-police officer while he investigates the disappearance of his teenage girl.

61. Kanna

Kanna is created from the unlikely kanji mixture off bookmark and veggies.

Kanna can also be the common identity for the southern area African delicious sceletium tortuosum. Used as a conventional treatment for worry, anxiousness, tension, and a depressive disposition, kanna leads to excitement but, despite prominent belief, tryna€™t hallucinogenic.

62. Kaori

Kaori indicates scent, aroma, or, sporadically, cologne.

Kaori can certainly be an alternative checking of e¦™c?”, in which particular case it means weaving.

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