Celebrating All Things Intimate: I Really Like You Colonel Sanders!

Date: January 10, 2022 | Category: Blackchristianpeoplemeet-inceleme adult-dating

Celebrating All Things Intimate: I Really Like You Colonel Sanders!

Once I Love You Colonel Sanders! a little finger Lickin’ Effective matchmaking Simulator got revealed, I becamen’t too curious, however for some explanation I’m sure people that wished us to bring this.

So I decided to succeed my personal Valentine’s Day evaluation and watch exactly what this official KFC dating sim ended up being exactly about.

You bring an empty slate protagonist participating in a 3-day preparing course. you are really easily launched to your closest friend, two bullies/rivals, your dog professor, and a few more friends (including a robot). Subsequently another pupil walks in: Colonel Sanders, which right away captures the attention of everyone because being many good looking, lovely, majestic beginner ever to grace the halls with the class.

The primary reason I found myselfn’t impressed if the online game ended up being established is mainly because i’m there’s been a trend of “It’s a visual unique, but you are matchmaking [insert weird/random/unexpected admiration interest here]!” video games that just be sure to exploit creating such a crazy idea while missing the genuine center things such as Hatoful Boyfriend need.

Similarly, I want to say i enjoy your Colonel Sanders! is actually soulless, but however, it’s thus bizarre it does are able to getting amusing on occasion due to the fact there’s not a chance to anticipate exactly what might result further.

They feels as though anyone grabbed a bunch of love visual tropes, some anime references, and a dash of random goofiness, and mixed all of them right up in a pot with Colonel Sanders.

Van Van the Man Man clearly wandered in from a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure parody.

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