Let me make it clear about Archangel Haniel

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Let me make it clear about Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel could be the angel of joy. This is associated with true title Haniel is “He Who views God”, “The Joy Of God”, “The Glory of God” or “The Grace of God”. She often seems in feminine type inside our globe. This woman is the patron of these whom looking enlightenment, joy and satisfaction in Jesus. Haniel could be the one that assists us to find joy in virtually any circumstances. This woman is also the channel between us and Jesus.

Archangel Haniel could be the one that shows us ways to get nearer to Jesus. And this woman is The Angel of Benevolence, Grace and Mercy. Being mostly invoked for favors. Haniel normally the patron of beauty and love. Consequently, this woman is frequently invoked for comfort, harmony, love and much more love.

Archangel Haniel in sacred texts

Into the Kabbalah, Haniel is referred to as the only who takes proper care of this therefore called that is“Netzachtranslated as “victory”), the 7th sphere, Sephira, regarding the Tree of lifestyle.

Enoch described Haniel as their helper to make it to the paradise. She actually is the main one who transported Enoch, the prophet, to Heaven.

Archangel Haniel could be the ruler of this principalities when you look at the 3rd sphere of paradise. The principalities will be the clients for the leaders of world. They need to be sure that those leaders do God’s might. Haniel can be the patron and leader regarding the earth Venus.

Haniel additionally seems into the Babylonian cultures. She assisted the priest-astronomers to find out brand new facts and theories connected to astrology, astronomy, spirituality, Divine, curing techniques, etc.

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